Achieving the impossible

“I can’t do that” – everyone must have had that thought at some point in their life. Or someone suggests you do something which is way outside of your comfort zone and you think “that is ridiculous”. However, once you make that step and try and achieve the goal you can get hooked!

It doesn’t matter if it’s in sport, in work, or other areas of life we have a choice, stick to what you know and be comfortable or reach out and take all the opportunities in life. This blog is mostly about sport and physical challenge, but there are parallels in other areas of my life.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when this started for me. It is sort of a sense of pride when my body takes me on new journey which I did not think were possible for a person to complete under their own steam. To start with in was a 10 km run, then some swim competitions, then I tried a sprint triathlon. The Great North Run, the Great North Swim – fantastic mass participation events which helped me realise I could achieve what I set my mind to.

In September 2010, to celebrate my 30th birthday, I cycled 600 miles through the Himalayas, with my boyfriend and a group of like minded cyclists who became life long friends. This trip taught me so much about myself and others, and that the realms of possibility have no limits.

Since then I have been in pursuit of an ever increasing challenge! The Marathon des Sables is certainly that. Being self supported in the desert in temperatures of up to 50 degrees C day after day, trudging through the sand will push me to my limits!


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